Friday, April 03, 2020



Sumner County, Kansas lies along the Oklahoma border due south of the Wichita/Sedgwick County metropolitan area. Covering 1,183 square miles, Sumner County is 36 miles from it's west to east border, and 33 miles from it's south to north border.

The 1990 census indicates a population of 24,928. Cities and towns found within the county borders are...

Anson, Argonia (pop. 529), Ashton, Belle Plaine (pop. 1,649), Caldwell (pop. 1,351), Conway Springs (pop. 1,384), Corbin, Dalton, Drury, Geuda Springs (pop. 219), Hunnewell (pop. 87), Mayfield (pop. 110), Milan (pop. 109), Millerton, Milton, Mulvane (pop. 5,101), Oxford (pop 1,142), Peck, Perth, Portland, Riverdale, Rome, South Haven (pop. 420), and Wellington (pop. 8,411).

Sumner County's primary industry is farming, in particular, wheat. In fact, Sumner County is known as the "Wheat Capital of the World" as it routinely produces more wheat than any other place on earth. Being in close proximity to Wichita also enables us to be heavily in the aircraft part industry, with many factories producing and providing maintenance to aircraft parts.