Wednesday, April 08, 2020

History Pages

Sumner County is rich with a history of the wild west, pioneer farming, and the railroad industry, and there are many sources of information you can find that details this history. William Cutler wrote, "History of the State of Kansas" in 1883, a book which has an individual chapter for each of the Kansas Counties. One of the best sources of history is the Chisholm Trail Museum.  It has a wonderful collection of historical pieces, photographs, and printed materials. Because this information is so readily available, this webpage would like to provide you with a unique look at our history, and bring to you some intriguing and little known facts about our county. Don't forget to check out the "Links" to other sites where you can learn more about Sumner County's History.

This site is still under construction, with many things being added frequently. Please check back for updates.