Friday, April 03, 2020


Sumner County Community Corrections
Personnel:                                                                                 E-mail:
Brad Macy, Director                                                
Jennifer McDaniel, ISO I, Juvenile                              
Jeanne Chew, Truancy                                           
Street Address:                                                                        Mailing Address:
120 East 9th Street                                                                    P. O. Box 645
Wellington, KS                                                                          Wellington, KS 67152
Phone: (620) 326-8959                                                           Fax:       (620) 326-5576
Mary Beth Reynolds, ISO II, Adult                          
Shannon Mans, ISO I, Adult                                     
Street Address:                                                                       Mailing Address:
501 North Washington, 3rd Floor                                              P.O. Box 645
Wellington, KS                                                                           Wellington, KS 67152
Phone: (620) 399-1007 – Mary Beth                                 Fax:   (620) 399-1003      
              (620) 399-1006 – Shannon
The mission of Sumner County Community Corrections is a safe and local partnership which promotes public safety by providing highly structured community supervision to offenders, holding offenders accountable to their victims and the community, and improving offender’s success to live productively and lawfully through the implementation of evidence based practices.