Friday, April 03, 2020

Skilled Nursing Visit (Not covered by Medicare)

Under In-Home Services the following non-Medicare services are provided:

Private Pay: A nurse with physician's orders may perform limited physical assessments, Medication Board set up, Accu Chek/ Injection, Diabetic Nail trim, Venipunctures and Insulin syringe pre fills.

Wellness Monitoring- Medicaid (HCBS) This HCBS Medicaid Waiver Service provides health status monitoring through nursing assessments to help reduce the need for routine physician/ health professional visits and care in more costly settings.

Nurse Evaluation- Medicaid (HCBS) This HCBS Medicaid waiver service provides a nurse evaluation of the customer's health care needs and determines the appropriate assistance to be provided by the attendant

Medication Management- Older American Act Title III B

Sumner County Health Department works in cooperation with the Kansas Department and the South Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging to provide In-home services