Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Your pet has bitten someone, even though you tried to prevent it.

Here is what will happen next:

You MUST show proof of current pet immunizations.

If immunizations are current your pet may be confined in your home for 10 days. After the confinement period, your pet needs to be checked out by a Veterinarian to be evaluated.

Your pet's immunizations are NOT current or you have no proof -

You pet will be confined at the veterianarian's for 10 days. After that time, your pet will be evaluated. Immunizations will need to be current before your will be allowed to leave. You will also be responsible for any charges incurred from confinement and shots received.

*The above process is considered a guideline. The processes involved may be changed to accomadate the situation at hand.

If you have any questions regarding the above process please contact your local city office.