Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Below are the current Zoning Regulations for Sumner County, Kansas, adopted July 1, 2006, with amendments.

Table of Contents

Article I:Title

Article II:Purpose and Intent

Article III:Authority and Jurisdiction

Article IV: Interpretation and Construction

Article V: Definitions

Article VI: General Provisions

Article VII: "A-C" Agricultural Commercial Districts

Article VIII: "F-P" Floodplain District

Article IX: "W-P" Water Quality Protection District

Article X: "G-1" Recreation District

Article XI:"R-C" Rural Center District

Article XII: "R-D" Rural District

Article XIII: "R-1" Single Familt Dwelling District

Article XIV: "R-2" Two and Three Family Dwelling District

Article XV: "R-3" Multiple Family Dwelling District

Article XVI: "PUD" Planned Unit Development District

Article XVII: "M-S" Manufactured Home Subdivision District

Article XVIII: "M-P" Manufactured Housing Park District

Article XIX: "C-1" Neighborhood Commercial District

Article XX: "C-2" Central Buisness District

Article XXI: "C-3" General Buisness District

Article XXII: "C-4" Hiway Service District

Article XXIII: "I-1" Light Industrial District

Article XXIV: "I-2" Heavy Industrial District

Article XXV: "A-H" Airport Height Control District

Article XXVI: Sign Regulations

Article XXVII: Parking & Loading Regulations

Article XXVIII: Landscaping Requirements

Article XXIX: Traffic Regulations

Article XXX: Conditional Use & Accessory Use

Article XXXI: Supplementary District Regulations

Article XXXII: Non-Conforming Lots, Buildings & Uses

Article XXXIII: Enforcement, Violation, and Penalty

Article XXXIV: Board of Zoning Appeals

Article XXXV: Amendments

Article XXXVI: Validity and Effective Date