Friday, April 03, 2020

Gravel Road Division:

Manager: Pat Barkley     Foreman: Jason Nuss

Division responsibilities:

  • Maintain gravel road crown
  • Insure drainage away from gravel road
  • Gravel road surface maintaining (smooth non-skid)
  • Additional gravel installation
  • Improve to "All Weather" condition
  • Special projects
  • Assist elsewhere as assigned

Additional work:

  • Report permanent sign installation problems
  • Work zone signing
  • Culvert-ditch-channel cleaning
  • Enabling drainage (get storm water off road right-of-way)
  • Right-of-way burning (once per year March or April)
  • Brush removal (right-of-way mowable from fence to fence)
  • Assist with snow and ice removal
  • Assist with hazardous and emergency conditions

Gravel Maintenance:

The intent is to provide a safe road at the design speed and protect the investment in road base already in place. Economic justification of repairs is necessary. The manager shall review all gravel roads approximately once per week minimum. This department handles about 223 miles of Gravel Roads