Friday, April 03, 2020

Traffic Division

Manager: Jim Lamb          Foreman: Jack Cowell

Division responsibilities:

  • Sign installation; replacement; repairs; inventory
  • Snow/Ice Plan
  • Hazardous and Emergency Plan
  • Roadside mowing/spraying
  • Pavement marking inventory
  • Pavement marking (by contract)
  • Traffic counting program
  • Sign complaint response/spot maps
  • Assist Township with traffic recommendations
  • Traffic related improvement recommendations on County roads
  • Install bridge weight limit signs/maintenance
  • Assist with bridge closing sign installation/maintenance
  • Special projects
  • Assist elsewhere as assigned

Additional work:

  • Culvert-Ditch-Channel cleaning
  • Enabling drainage (get storm water off road right-of-way)
  • Right-of-Way burning
  • Brush removal (right-of-way mowable from fence to fence)
  • Assist with work zone signing

Traffic Control:

This includes signing and pavement markings as permanent installation. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices will be followed for all installations. This includes repairs and new installations of signs throughout the county and pavement striping and markings. This department handles 400 miles of County roads and street signs.