Friday, April 03, 2020

Contact Information:

Reporting Damage to County Roads and Bridges:

Please notify the Road and Bridge Department if you have knowledge of person(s) damaging County roads and/or bridges. A claim could be filed against the insurance company of the people involved for recovery of damages. Please call 620-326-2253 to make a report.

Policy for Emergency and Road Hazard Reports:

Regular Hours

During regular duty hours, reports can be directed to the Road and Bridge Department office (326-2253) or to the Road and Bridge Department shop (326-2951). The reports will be investigated via radio dispatch. Action, as appropriate, will be taken from the investigation.

Off-Duty Hours

Reports will be made at the sheriff's office/E-911. The sheriff's office investigates and determines if an emergency or hazardous condition does exist, and warrants action by the Road and Bridge Department.

If, the sheriff's office/E-911 feels the Road and Bridge Department needs to take action, they will page the "on call" Road and Bridge person. The "on call" person will investigate, determine appropriate action, and follow through with the action needed.



email address:

Melvin Matlock, Director               

Junita Simonton, Engineering Supt.

Doug Finch, Road & Bridge Supt. 

Chris Carter, Office Manager