Monday, January 20, 2020

The iVotronic is the touch screen voting system selected for use by Sumner County.  Below is information regarding the iVotronic and touch screen voting.

iVotronic video demo

iVotronic fact sheet/machine instructions

What is touch screen voting?
Touch screen voting devices are electronic voting units that allow you to make your ballot selections simply by touching a screen, much like an ATM machine.

What are the highlights of the new voting system?
Voter intent and ballot correctness are guaranteed prior to casting the ballot. Overvotes cannot be accepted by the iVotronic, and the voter is privately alerted of any undervotes during the final ballot review process. The iVotronic also provides a Review Screen to enable the voter to validate all ballot choices before finally casting their vote.

What happens if the voter presses the VOTE button before turning to the last page of the ballot?
NOTHING. The VOTE button will not activate until the summary screen is reached. This prevents voters from missing questions on the ballot and gives them an opportunity to review all their choices before being able to cast their ballot. (Important Note: During the voting process, the voter can move back and forth through the ballot pages as desired. The system does not force the voter to complete the entire ballot before revisions can be made.)

Can a voter cancel a selection during the voting process?
Yes. Voters can easily change their ballot selections at any time prior to pressing the VOTE button. The system does not force the voter to complete the entire ballot before revisions can be made.

How is a write-in vote cast, and can it be cancelled before completing voting?
Where allowed, the word Write-in appears on the iVotronic screen in the respective office position, directly below the candidate options. Upon selecting the write-in option, an alpha-numeric screen appears allowing the voter to type in their candidate’s name. The write-in name then appears in the office position. Any write-in name can be cancelled at any time up until voting is completed.

Can a voter cast a blank ballot?
Yes. However, the iVotronic will prompt the voter that a blank ballot is about to be cast and gives an option to return to the ballot questions to change the choice. If the voter chooses to cast a blank ballot, then he/she may proceed by pressing the red VOTE button again to cast the ballot.

After the ballot is cast, where do the votes go?
Election results are stored in three independent memory locations within the voting machine. Additionally there is a removable storage card locked inside the voting unit that records internal audit information.

In the event of a power outage, will my vote be lost?
No. The iVotronic has an internal battery backup that will allow voting to continue for up to 8 hours without AC power. Votes already cast will be maintained.

Can a voter vote twice on iVotronic?
No. After the voter has voted, the iVotronic is inoperable until the precinct official reloads that terminal with a PEB to bring up a ballot for the next voter.

Is the touch-screen voting system user-friendly?
Yes. The new system has a sharp, viewable screen with modern touch-screen technology to enable the voter to easily maneuver through the ballot. If a voter touches a wrong choice or decides to make a change, the voter can just re-touch that choice and make a new selection.  Many compare it to the ease of using an ATM machine.