Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Voter General Information

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Information relating to the following items/topics is provided below.  Please see the links to the left for more specific items/topics.  Legal publications required or other announcements relating to specific elections may be posted on our Legal Notices page. 

  • Assistance in Voting
  • Party Affiliation
  • Sick, Physically Disabled or Illiterate Voters
  • Voting Hours
  • Write-In Voting

Assistance in Voting
A voter may request assistance if unable to vote unassisted by reason of:

  • Physical disability
  • Visual handicap
  • Lack of proficiency in reading the English language
  • Sixty-five or more year of age

Party Affiliation         

  • A voter may declare a party affiliation at the time of registration, or may sign a declaration at the voting place during a primary election if registered as unaffiliated.  A voter may also choose not to be affiliated with any political party.
  • A voter may change party affiliation by re-registering at any time voter registration is open.  However voters may not switch from one party to another between June 1 in a election year until after the results from the August primaries are certified by the state.

Sick, Physically Disabled or Illiterate Voters:

  • Special voting procedures are available for any voter having a permanent or temporary illness or disability that would make it difficult or impossible for that voter to vote at a voting place.
  • All registration and voting procedures may be handled by mail.
  • A sick, disabled or illiterate voter may apply for a ballot.
  • Sick, physically disabled or illiterate voters who are unable to mark or transmit an advance ballot may receive assistance from another person.  The person rendering assistance must sign a statement and return both the statement and the advance ballot to the Sumner County Clerk’s office by the time the polls close Election Day.
  • Registered voters having permanent physical disabilities or illnesses are permitted to automatically receive advance ballots before every election.  Applications for this special permanent advance ballot status are available from the Sumner County Clerk’s office.
  • If an elderly or disabled voter is able to go to the voting place, but finds it inaccessible by reason of stairs or steps, such voter may request that his or her ballot be brought to the entrance of the voting place.

Voting Hours
The polls in Sumner County are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Write-In Voting
To vote for a person whose name is not printed on the ballot, write that persons name on the line provided and darken the oval to the left of the name.

Write-in votes are permitted in PRIMARY elections for precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen.  Also, when there is no candidate who has filed for the particular office in question.

Write-in votes are permitted in all GENERAL elections.

The use of labels on ballots in Sumner County is prohibited by Optical Scanning System Rules and Regulations adopted by the Sumner County Election Officer on April 10, 2000.