Friday, April 03, 2020

When to License a Vehicle

You need to come in person to the Treasurer’s Office, Room 102, Su Co Courthouse and license your vehicle if you have recently:

  • Bought a new vehicle – you have 60 days from purchase date to register your vehicle without penalties
  • Leased a vehicle –
  • Moved to Sumner County– when moving from another county in Kansas, we can process a corrected registration that will change your address. At that time we will provide you a new county decal and registration receipt. There is no charge for a corrected registration transaction.
  • Moved to Kansas – you have 90 days from the date you established a physical Kansas residence. (also see out of state vehicle inspection)

FYI: If you intend to register your vehicle jointly using “and” John and Mary, then all parties must be present to sign. Only with John and/or Mary is only one party allowed to sign